Anita’s Healthy and Delicious No-Mayo Tuna Salad Wrap

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2- 6 ounces solid white tuna canned, in water

2 Roma tomatoes, diced

1/2 avocado, diced

1/4 cup cranberries, dried

2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive oil

4 Tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

zest of a lemon

5-6 Butter Lettuce Leaves, rinsed and dry

2 Tablespoon of Balsamic glaze

Salt and pepper To Taste


1. Drain Tuna cans and place into a bowl.

2. Add diced tomatoes, diced avocado. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

3. Drizzle over olive oil and lemon juice. Add zest of a lemon. Combine all ingredients. Add dried cranberries.

4. Rinse butter lettuce and arrange them over a serving plate. Place mixed tuna in middle. Drizzle with balsamic glaze. Wrap and enjoy!




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