Anita’s Homemade Labneh Cheese Balls in Thyme Olive Oil

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1 (32 ounces) Original Plain Yogurt

1 teaspoon sea salt

3 cups of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh string of thyme leaves


  1. Place the yogurt into a mixing bowl and mix in the salt.
  2. Use a cheesecloth or clean pillowcase to transfer in the plain yogurt.
  3. Set a sieve over a large container. Place the cheese cloth or thin pillowcase bag covering the entire surface of the sieve and sides of pillowcase bag are hanging down to be able to tight it up.
  4. Transfer the whole milk yogurt into the center of cheesecloth or pillowcase bag.LABNEH BALLS IN COLANDER5. Grab pillowcase bag and suspend it over the sieve and container.LABNEH BALLS WITH WHEY OUT6. Tie up the cheesecloth or pillowcase bag. Place a plate on top of bag with some heavy cans just for weight so the whey can drip completely into the bowl.

7. Set aside in the refrigerator and leave in for three days until yogurt drip   completely through the cheesecloth.

8. The labneh has formed and ready to be made into cheese balls.LABNEH BALLS IN HAND            9. Prepare a clean container and pour in some Extra-Virgin Olive oil. Add springs of fresh thyme.LABNEH BALLS THYME              10. Shape labneh into a ball. Place over paper towel so they can release any moisture left.LABNEH BALLS TO DRY                   11. Place balls in the bottom of  container. Keep incorporating more gently.  Add rest of extra-virgin olive oil to cover the top of labneh balls. LABNEH BALLS IN JAR FROM TOP                  12. Close the lid and place your labneh cheese balls in the fridge. Olive oil will solidify but will last up to 3 months or more.

Note: Labneh cheese balls can also be kept in a cool place outside the fridge. Can  be roll into zaatar or any other spice.LABNEH BALLS ROLLED IN ZAATAR



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